Get Dental Prosthetics for Your Missing Teeth

Here at Moon Signature Dentistry, we are proud to offer high-quality and natural-looking dentures.

All About Dentures

Dr. Beverly Moon knows that our patients in Olathe want to have their smiles back and the dentures we provide will help make that happen. We offer traditional dentures and fixed dentures, as well as denture stabilization.

Full or partial dentures are appliances, usually removable, that fit over the gums and hold artificial teeth in spaces where natural teeth are missing.

Everyone has heard of dentures, but with so much conflicting information out there, many people aren’t fully aware of what dentures really do. Health conditions, certain prescription medications, and the effects of aging can all cause tooth loss.


Teeth can be damaged beyond repair through trauma, decay, or advanced gum disease. Many patients choose dentures to replace missing teeth if they lose or need to extract many or most of them.

If you need dentures, Moon signature Dentistry offers a range of full and partial dentures.

Our dentist, Dr. Beverly Moon, compassionately works with you to pick the correct final option for a beautiful smile you’re proud to have.

Talk to Our Olathe Dental Office About Dentures

Just reach out to our Olathe office and Dr. Beverly Moon can help you get fitted for custom dentures.